Last updated:
May 29, 2013

Bingo is Here!

Last year’s Summer Bingo was such a success that we are bringing it back again. We have a wealth of fabulous prizes from our fabulous sponsors (see list below).

In case you were wondering about the rules, here they are!

  • You may receive no more than one Bingo stamp per day.

  • Your card must be stamped with the official Natural Stitches Bingo Stamp and signed/dated by a Natural Stitches staff member.

  • You may win one regular (straight) Bingo per month.

  • You may win two Bingos per card (regular and special, special and cover-all, regular and cover-all).

  • If you win a Bingo, you may turn in your card and receive a new card to try for a Bingo the next month. You may have up to two Bingo cards at a time, provided you have earned a straight bingo on the first card and you are trying for a cover-all or special on that card. You do not need to turn your card in at the end of the month if you don't have a Bingo! You can continue to work toward getting a Bingo on the card!

  • A single project may only be used for a single Bingo card. Example: If your first card says Knit a Sweater and your second card also says Knit a Sweater, you may not use the same project to count for both cards.

  • Projects specified in Bingo Squares must be STARTED on or after June 1 and COMPLETED before August 31.

  • For every straight Bingo you complete, you will be awarded a $5 gift card. Each month, there will be one "special" Bingo, so pay attention to social media outlets (i.e., Ravelry, Facebook, and Twitter) for announcements of what those are. And what would Bingo be without a coverall? Cover all of your squares and be entered into a drawing for some SERIOUSLY fabulous prizes!

  • Winning Bingo cards must be turned in by the end of business on August 31.

We would like to thank our fabulous sponsors!  They really went above and beyond! 
Brown SheepCascade Yarns

Straight Vertical
Straight Diagonal
Straight Horizontal
Straight Vertical 
Straight Diagonal 
Straight Horizontal
  • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal Bingo are the only accepted STRAIGHT  forms of Bingo. 

  • The announced SPECIAL Bingo shapes will be valid only during the month that the special is announced for (i.e., the June special cannot be turned in during the month of August).